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rotation =

mouse pressed =

mouse move

mouse released

x: x: x:
y: y: y:




shape size

fill color

stroke color

width: red:
height: green:
blue: blue:



  • click the Rotate button / Scale button / Translate button
  • click the button of the shape you would like to draw
  • draw something

poly-line / polygon drawing

  • to begin drawing a poly-line / polygon, hold CTRL and click the mouse where you would like the line to begin
  • keep CTRL and the mouse pressed and drag until you reach the point where you would like the current line to end. click the mouse (this will end the current line and begin the next line).
  • repeat this process until you are satisfied with the shape of the line.
  • to stop drawing a poly-line / polygon, release CTRL and click the mouse anywhere in the canvas.


  • hit the select button
  • hit the transformation button that you would like to apply to the shape
  • click and hold the shape that you would like to edit
  • release the click to save your edit

keyboard shortcuts

  • undo : CTRL + Z
  • redo : CTRL + SHIFT + Z
  • switch between light and dark mode : CTRL + `